Hey there! ✌️
My name is Kristoffer, and I use my background in graphic design to create beautiful digital interfaces that just work.
A little about me...
I'm currently working as a UX/UI designer at a startup called Acterio where we are creating the next generation of tools to manage startup incubators and other innovation ecosystems.
I also freelance and make websites in webflow sometimes.
My knowledge spans the aesthetics and visual communication of graphic design, the people oriented and problem solving nature of interaction design and a breadth of data science subjects I picked up along the way. With this I wish to bridge the gap between the technical and creative to create user experiences that solve people's problems and looks great while doing it.
When I'm not trying to decipher buzzwords, I'm usually climbing, weightlifting, hiking and spending as much time as possible with the people I care about.
A little about my background... 
Before all that I used to work in the physical print space, where I learnt about magazine layouts, illustration, branding, animation and whatever else I got random surges of motivation to learn.
Wanting to learn more, I picked a random bachelor with the words "design" in it thinking it would be a visual design course (long story). This lead me to become submerged in the world of informatics and interaction design, alongside data science subjects, coding and fundamental principles of computing.
After a transfer of universities, a half year delay at the hands of bureaucracy and a quick 10 month stay in Spain, I am now combining my bachelor in Applied data science with my keen eye for aesthetics to carve out a path within UX/UI design, focusing on prototyping, visual design and interaction design.