Working together with canadian app/web development company App & Flow, I was tasked with creating branding, logo and landing page for their ongoing project: The purpose of the website is to be an easy way to purchase and sell computer components and peripherals, while not feeling like your typical second hand store.
The goal was to create a visual language that felt clean, modern and inviting to the crowd that feels alienated by tacky tech and gaming brands. Computer parts are expensive, and buying second hand should feel more like you're getting a good deal on quality hardware, and less like rummaging around the bargain bin at Best Buy.
When dealing with such high value products, it's important for both the buyer and seller to know that their transaction is in good hands. By sporting a sleek and refined design you create trustworthiness with the user, and make it both enjoyable and fun to browse new computer parts. That's what Kaido is all about.

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